• Is lunch provided for this event?


  • I have a dietary restriction - I am Vegan. I was wondering if there will be food accommodated for my allergies/dietary restriction or should I look into bringing or purchasing my own food during this event?

    Lunch is make-your-own taco/burito bar. And there is a vegetarian and vegan options. We highly encourage you to review the food menu, found here. If you have other concerns please let us know by sending an email to info@pugetsoundwud.org.

  • Can I purchase group or multiple tickets?

    Yes, you can purchase a maximum of 12 tickets in one transaction.

  • I am a UX Manager and I need to purchase 15 tickets. What are my options?

    You can split your purchase into two transactions since there is a limit of 12 tickets per transaction. If for some reasons it is required by your organization to purchase 15 in one-go, please request this by sending an email to info@pugetsoundwud.org.

  • I would like to volunteer for this event. Where can I sign up?

    We have already completed our selection process in getting volunteers. Thanks to SEADUXX and Hexagon UX for encouraging their members to sign up.

  • I signed up and was selected as a volunteer, will I get free access at the event?

    Yes! We are giving you a free ticket. Please wait for an email for registration instructions.

  • I signed up to be a volunteer and did not receive an email from PSWUD. What was the selection process?

    For those who signed up, we used a formula to randomly select volunteers. That being said, it was pure luck. We apologize for not being able to get back to you as soon as possible. We had a high number of applications.

  • I know someone from the organizing committee and my connection can really vouch for me. Can I volunteer by asking them?

    Sure. The organizing committee members sometimes reach to their own network to ask for help. It all depends on what help is needed.

  • More questions?

    Send us an email at info@pugetsoundwud.org.

Thank you!